“I was super hesitant to get a doula at first because I was nervous I would get anxious about someone I didn’t know being present during such a vulnerable time. I was nervous that they would take over for my partner and disconnect us. I was apprehensive for many reasons, but I knew I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth and because my mom lives out of state and couldn’t be present, she highly recommend I seek the support of a doula. I was 39 weeks when I got connected with Ann. She came to my home and met with my fiancé and I. She eased a lot of my worry and really helped me be decisive in what I wanted for my birth experience. My fiancé and I definitely clicked with her and she made us feel empowered with knowledge and also comfortable with our plan. As first time parents we didn’t have a lot of expectations, she helped us become aware of how things would work at the hospital and the authority we have over our own experience. After the visit she was constantly checking in on me to see how I was doing, offering advice on how to make labor come and how to stay comfortable (which is difficult when you’re so pregnant lol). I had a very intense few days of contractions, all back labor and Ann was at my house helping my fiancé to help me through them. Even though I wasn’t in full blown labor she stuck around and helped me to be as comfortable as possible. She came to the hospital with me to encourage the doctors to help me get therapeutic rest. She was a voice that I didn’t and couldn’t have due to the pain I was in. Although I didn’t get the natural birth I wanted, due to a baby in the wrong position, she still made me feel empowered and reminded me birth is unpredictable! I highly recommend Ann as a doula. She is extremely kind, attentive, funny and makes you feel super comfortable in such a vulnerable time. My fiancé was concerned he would be less involved with a doula present. But to our surprise Ann brought us closer together and helped him understand how to help me better.” - D. 2/2019